Principal’s Desk

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom; it implies the development of the 3H’S Head, Heart and Hand. The main aim of education is to guard the social heritage as well as educational values. Therefore, Durgapur Anandamoy B. Ed College offers Teacher Education courses that aim at training the body, mind and spirit. Teachers are considered to be nation builders. The role of teachers in the new millennium has become versatile and an intimidating task. It has become a necessity to cultivate social, moral and spiritual values in children these days in order to make them better human beings.

Our college is affiliated to WBUTTEPA and recognized by NCTE. We craft a safe and sound social as well as physical environment that allows all our trainees to learn and thrive in life. Our college has the freedom towards a healthy and pleasant ambience. The credit for this beautiful ambience goes to all our influential members of the governing body and the learned staff.

We at Durgapur Anandamoy B. Ed College aim at equipping the future teachers with education and knowledge that results in academic proficiency, skills that direct towards acquiring a techno savvy knack, attitudes that lead you towards a lifetime knowledge and quest of excellence and proficient values that will persistently remind you of your pledge and responsibility towards the global society. The learning atmosphere in our college assists each student to build up by a range of scholastic, co-curricular & curricular inputs in the form of core practice teaching, simulation teaching, national seminars, tutorials, workshops, school internship, ICT training etc.

I, being the principal of this college believe that along with professional knowledge and skill, professional attitude is something that needs to be shaped, and this college does exactly the same. We make sincere efforts to inculcate proper attitude among its students, in their crucial decisive years during which their personality takes a distinct shape. Together, we aim to develop proficient, dedicated and competent teachers in our college by imparting quality teacher education. Our college has always played an integral role in shaping the career and personality of numerous students and will continue doing the same in near future.