Secretary’s Desk

Education is the key and pathway to success in life and teachers help to build the foundation blocks in an individual’s career. Since the year 2012, we at Durgapur Anandamoy B. Ed College have involved ourselves in a mission to produce teachers of sheer merit and excellence so that they can reform the modern education system of our society.

But as stated by Aristotle, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. We at Durgapur Anandamoy B. Ed College truly emphasize on this fact. Education and discipline can be considered as two sides of a coin. Thus for a complete mould, activities like Organizing Morning Assembly with Punctual Timings and compulsory attendance, forms the first step of the day. In addition to that other activities like news paper reading, oral speech on importance of the day are added in the assembly which helps not only in the personality development of the young trainees but also helps in reduction of hindrances like stage fear and mind locks that are very common in most individuals.

We also believe that regular evaluation is necessary for proper knowledge earning. For this weekly assignments and class tests are an integral part of our teaching programme that helps trainees to assess their knowledge database. To balance out the daily stress and monotony of our education procedure extra-curricular activities like sports, cultural programs, dramas, debates, seminar etc are held in our college. In addition to that awareness campaigns are also held at our college for mass communication of significant messages and protocols that are directly influencing the common people of our society. We truly believe that a teacher must be ambidextrous in all sectors of the modern education system and they too shall be capable to pass on the torch of learning to our future generations.

I, being the Secretary of this college alongwith my entire team of teaching faculty & other staff have truly envisaged a complete procedure for proper learning and betterment of the trainees so that they can excel in their future career in education.